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Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing (PCDM)

Course Duration
3 months

Course Intakes

Course Fees

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing (PCDM)

The Digital Marketing Pre-Certification serves as a testament to an individual’s grasp and comprehension of the operations, principles, tools, and tactics prevalent in the contemporary digital marketing landscape. This certification is granted upon the successful completion of a designated course of study, equipping candidates with the abilities required to excel in the realm of digital marketing. CDM Pre aids in refining practitioners’ comprehension and utilization of crucial digital marketing components, encompassing elements like content.

All course units are conducted entirely online(Providing learning reading materials and video lessons for instruction).


⦿ Introduction to Digital Marketing

⦿ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

⦿ Content Marketing

⦿ Social Media Marketing

⦿ Email Marketing

⦿ Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)                                        

⦿ Affiliate Marketing

⦿ Analytics and Measurement

⦿ Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy 

⦿ Future Trends in Digital Marketing

Entry Requirements & Evaluation

The Professional Certificate in Digital  Marketing course is tailored for individuals in conventional marketing roles who aim to elevate their skill set and remain current with the latest trends and methods in digital marketing.

It is suitable for anyone aiming to execute a contemporary digital strategy for their business and for those engaged in traditional marketing professions who seek to refresh and modernize their skillset.

The evaluation of the aforementioned will be conducted through an examination and assignments . 

The allocation of marks' weightage is as follows:

Examination (online) 80% out of 100

Final MCQ

Assignments 20% Out of 100

Individual Assignment (carried 20 marks)

Are you become a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing (PCDM)

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